The Fine Print

I have felt so inspired to write this post for quite a while now, but I guess I’m always just waiting for the right timing. The other night, I stumbled upon a Facebook post that was shared, and that’s when I felt overly inspired to get to this blog post and write up my thoughts. I feel that I could write for centuries about this, but I honestly don’t want this to be too long, because I ACTUALLY want people to read this.

When I was younger, I remember all the joys of gossip.. (Not) I always knew it wasn’t right. I could feel a pit in my stomach (still do) when somebody talked about another person, unkindly. When I would mention something about another person, I could feel that unsettling feeling taking over. Still to this day, I get these feelings, but have somehow grown accustomed to it? Now, I don’t know if this is just me, but it just isn’t right.

Since then, social media has taken long strides. Lucky us, the unkind words towards one another are getting worse. We tend to see more details of all the lives around us, which means we pick out from the details and we find the positives and negatives.

One thing we need to realize- Everyone goes about their lives in different directions and paths. Just because you’re from the same religion, doesn’t mean that you are going to live your lives exactly the same all the time.

Last night, Brax and I had a long conversation about choices and how we are who we are because of our decisions. With that said, everyone has a long list of choices they have made throughout their life. Not one person on this planet has the exact same list. If we were to unravel a long scroll of our decisions and walk around trying to match up our list with somebody else’s, well, it would be impossible.

So, how are we to judge one another when we haven’t experienced and chosen the exact same path as any other human? It’s just not the same.

It’s just not right to compare. And who is to judge? Because how do we know what is “right” and “wrong”?

If I chose to do something today that a group of people think is completely inappropriate, but another group of individuals praise what I have done, well was it right or wrong?

If I made a decision that was bad, but then good came out of it, was that right or wrong?

If you’re religious and felt inspired by God that something was appropriate, but another felt that would be absurd to appropriate. Who was right and wrong?

We honestly don’t know, because everyone has different thoughts and opinions. And truthfully, everyone’s relationships with God are different.

With every decision, path, and way of living, there really is no definite fine print. You may believe, because of your way of life that some choice would be right/wrong, but that is different from another’s opinions. So, this does not give us the right to shame others.

Every person’s “fine print” will be different, especially in God’s eyes. He knows and loves us and expects us to be our best selves. I think all of us, even myself, need to learn to really love and appreciate others because we don’t have the same list of choices. Our fine print is different, depending where we are in life.

I am definitely spiritually minded. I love to relate my situations back to God. I without a doubt know he has a plan, and I have felt inspired to speak out with what I feel he inspires me to share. This is one thing I have prayed about. I can testify that he is next to me writing. He wants the best for YOU and your spirituality. But, next to you are more people that he also wants the best for. So, you HAVE to understand that they are on different paths, so their fine print, in that moment, will be different from what he has for you. We are all on a plan to happiness, unfortunately, that plan will not be exactly the same for everyone. We have no right to compare.

I have challenged myself recently to seek out the positives. I love to go through Instagram stories and see what all my friends are up to. In the past, I have thought to myself, “Why would they do that?” Because honestly, that’s definitely not something I would do. Lately, I have changed my mindset. I go through and every story, or few stories, I seek out positive aspects. “Wow, I want to try that.” “I love how they are doing that.” And list out these positives, to stray from the negatives.

I think it’s important to praise others. I am super not the person to vocalize my praise to others. I try to remember to write nice things to people via social media, but I am as forgetful as they come.. (Seriously ask my family/friends) I just want everyone to know I seriously love and appreciate all of  you. Just because you live differently than me, I think that’s totally amazing! I think we all should try to think that of each other.

-Side note, when I came out and said I wanted to start blogging more, I got some serious comments/looks from people. Positive and negative, unfortunately. This absolutely shattered my heart because I have LOVED writing my WHOLE life. And I am so inspired by so many things that I love to share with others. I told someone about my blogging and they seriously gave me a “Oh great, another blogger from Utah who thinks she’s so cool” look. I was broken after because this is my passion. But, to those who have messaged me and read all my posts- You guys have my whole heart.-

All in all, the judgmental thoughts are coming from Satan. God tells us to love others, and that is exactly what we should be doing. Don’t shame each other because their fine print is different than your current fine print. Lets spread love and support each other.


Love you all so much,

Rylee Loock


One thought on “The Fine Print

  1. Keep up the ‘blogging’!! I love to read each and every one of them! *As a side note from your 6th grade teacher ~~ your grammar is excellent, by the way! I hope you learned a few things from me! Haha! I love reading about your darling family and your life! ❤️


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