Top 5 of April- Skincare

I’m a huge fan of skincare products, and I’m always searching for products that will feed my skin healthy ingredients. I’m going to start sharing some of my finds that I have enjoyed for various reasons!

I especially love skincare during the month of April because it’s when I start getting a feel for summer. I begin to pull out my spring/summer smells and start to think about the color of my skin. With that said, my top 5 is based on my enthusiasm for summer.


  1. BFF Face Wash and Moisturize 911
    I have to share this one first because I have loved this for a couple years now. I’ve also shared this with many others who have fallen in love. This is, by far, my all time favorite duo. The exfoliating face wash smells of fresh grapefruit and mint, and the moisturizer smells like a soft hint of fresh orange. This duo has worked wonders on my face. Everyone’s skin type is different, but if you’re anything like me, this gets the job done.IMG_2096
  2. Dove Exfoliating Body Polish-
    I received a sample of this in my FabFit Fun Box and immediately sought out the full size product. Not only does this exfoliate, but it smells WONDERFUL. It’s fresh, milky, and I personally feel like it has a hint of coconut (even though it’s macadamia nut). This literally leaves your skin feeling silky smooth! I always use it when I shave, because I find that exfoliating while shaving gives me a nice smooth layer of skin.APC_0003
  3. Fake It Til You Make It-
    This time of year you’re dying to have nice glowing skin! If you’re not into spray tans I 10/10 recommend this. I applied an even layer for a few days and got amazing results. People started commenting that I looked tan right away! I did put this product on my face and not one zit came from it because it is naturally based- just like the rest of Perfectly Posh’s products. Also, the winning aspect of this, for me, is the smell! Oh my gosh… I put it on every night before bed and my husband ALWAYS made a comment on how I smelled great. Its got a fresh peach scent, almost like a refreshing bubble gum smell. I’m obsessed to say the least.APC_0008.jpeg
  4. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate- 
    For my face care routine, I always make sure to do a mask or hard exfoliant twice a week. I also received this in my FabFit Fun Box. The top aspect I love about this is that it does the job in under 5 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I love all my other face masks that I own, but they all take over 10 mins. With this product, you place it on a damp face (it’s green and mushy, which I LOVE) then exfoliate in circles around your face. Once you’ve let it really circle through your pores, you let it sit for only a few minutes, then finish it off by rinsing. You will get a slight burn, (which I also LOVE) and your face will be a little red afterwards. However, these are my favorite products because I know work has been done, on my face, after it’s left a little bit of a mark. Highly recommend this!APC_0007.jpeg
  5. Korres Guava Body Butter-
    I ALSO received this in my FabFit Fun Box.. lol! I received this right before our Hawaii trip and it got me so pumped! It literally smells like Hawaii in a bottle. I love this product purely for smell. One morning I put it on and later that afternoon I reached down to grab something and got a big whiff of the scents in the lotion. I died because lotion smells never lasts long on me. It’s so yummy! On the other hand, when I first received it, I loved the feel of my skin after applying, but after Hawaii it didn’t moisturize my peeling skin. Come to read the ingredient list, and it honestly doesn’t have the best ingredients to be feeding your skin. However, I love the smell. So sue me for a minute, while I just want to smell like summer!


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