The Hobby Search

Gosh, I feel like I have so much more time on my hands now that I have finished up student teaching. With this time, I feel like I have done SO much, which is freaking awesome, BUT I also feel like I am spending so much money! With social media, I seriously get joy from browsing through Target deals and going through new boutique shops. After hours of this, I find myself thirsty to buy, buy, buy. It’s like I just want more and more…

After the realization that I’m becoming every company’s marketing dream, I have decided I need more hobbies. LOL! I recently saw a quote that said, “Find 3 hobbies to make you happy. 1. A hobby to make money. 2. A hobby to keep you in shape. 3. And one to be creative.” I’ve decided to take this quote to heart and live by it for awhile.

That’s where I need your help! I need help on finding new hobbies to fit all three categories. So I have TONS of questions..


  • Firstly, what are your hobbies?
  • Do you have hobbies that fit in the categories from my quote?
  • Also, what hobbies do you have that are very low cost and possibly make you money?
  • How do you keep yourself from letting shopping become a hobby? Especially, at freaking Target?!
  • I LOVE YOGA. Where are the best yoga studios from Ogden to Layton? And who wants to be a yoga buddy?
  • I love collecting rocks and minerals. Anyone else feel this way? Lets be buddies if you do, because I want to learn more about the healing properties.
  • I love watching cooking shows and want to cook more, but it’s so expensive, so HOW do you make cooking more affordable?
  • I think becoming a florist would be amazing, even just something small. How do y’all get started with that?

On the reals though.. SO many questions! If you have any answers to anything, or advice… Please, please, please comment below or message me! I love taking new opportunities as well, if you have some hobby-related opportunities, hit me up (:

Yay, loves to all!


Rylee Loock



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