Target Baby Haul

Being a mom is expensivveeee. I’m sure most already know. But, I wanted to share my favorite ways to insure I’m getting the best bang for my buck. It all starts with Target.

I could consider myself an avid Target shopper. Not sure, at times, if that is a good thing; however, I have learned where to spend my money and where not to. I’ve definitely learned how to shop for baby supplies!

Our little Ivy girl drinks a whole package of formula in just 6 days. With the package priced everywhere being at least $29, by the end of the month we are spending about $150 in just formula alone. That’s a lot of money on a tiny girl. Then don’t forget about the diapers, wipes, etc. to top it off.

I have shopped everywhere looking for the best deals. From Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc., I finally decided that Target was giving me just what I was looking for. Most Target prices match other competitors around; however, they top off  your purchase with gift cards. For example, yesterday I  ran to Target for my baby haul. This weeks deal was if I bought two packages of diapers I would receive a $10 Target gift card. Also, if I bought 3 packages of formula, I would also receive a $10 gift card for that, as well. So my haul consisted of two packages of diapers, three packages of formula, and a $20 gift card.

I LOVE this idea because I can save the gift card for my next haul, or buy some fun Target goodies on my next run. I mean who doesn’t just want a free gift card to Target?

Every Sunday, I check the Target ad to see what deals they will offer for the upcoming week. I plan accordingly because I will not throw money into baby necessities, unless I can get a deal out of it. If I notice Ivy is getting somewhat low on anything, I start watching deals and wait for them to come around. Trust me, they always do.

If you’re going to spend a lot of money in one place, buying in bulk is the best way to go. Not only are you saving money, you are saving time, and preparing for emergency situations.

**I am HUGE on finding the best bang for my buck. I shop around for sooo long before I purchase something. But, I must say I am super picky so I definitely want quality in what I am buying. The only brand of diapers I can actually stand is Huggies. They’re higher quality than most, they have have unique designs AND they don’t have any scent that is unwanted on top of a messy diaper smell. So, yes I will always buy Huggies because they are my absolute favorite. They are more expensive than other brands; however, finding these Target deals makes my life a whole lot easier when buying them.

Yay for free money!


Rylee Loock

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