Is a Circle Really a Circle?

Is a circle really a circle?

What an unusual question. However, if you’re like me and find mathematics quite compelling, you may have questioned this.

Now, in math class you probably remember a high dosage of circles, diameter, radius, πr^2, and of course trying to draw dozens of perfect circles with a compass. If a teacher were to ask you to draw a circle with a compass, you would probably agree that what you drew was a circle, right? But what if we were to look deeper. There might be a few flaws here and there… You may have accidentally hit a bump that microscopically gave that circle some errors. Your hand may have given a force that also microscopically gave that circle some errors.

But, it looks perfect from an outside view?

Now, what if I told you that a circle is really just a theory. What if it is almost utterly impossible to actually make a circle? Well, I wouldn’t be wrong if I said that. A circle is made of infinite points. So many points that eventually when we connect the points with lines, we get a visual of a circle. But, lets take away the infinite points and keep only 6 of them… We now have a hexagon. Get the point?

We’ve been fooled our whole life that a circle is actually a circle. If we are being fooled by that, what else could possibly fool us?

When I find down time, I grab my phone and begin to scroll through social media feeds. I start to think that circles exist all around me. This person has all of this. This person does all of that. Everyone is so happy. Why am I the only one that struggles? From an outside view, it seems all the circles are so perfect. But, when I look at mine, I cannot get it to be perfect.

I watched President Nelson’s devotional for the youth this morning. It inspired me because this is what we do. We compare circles, when the matter of the fact is that a circle is actually a theory. Everything we see on social media isn’t the truth. We hide the bad and emphasize the good. It’s important to bring out the good, but we can’t look at others and begin to compare. There should not be a comparison, because we can’t compare circles that will not be perfect.

At the end of the devotional he states that we should, “Stand out. Be different. Be a light.” I saw that and was inspired. Not only do I want to stay away from the depth of social media, but I also want to stand out, be different, and be a light.

I want to blog to help others and also, feel inspired myself. With that, I won’t always share the good. I will share the bad. Because that is what life is about. I want every person to know that you’re not alone when you see other people’s lives and think you’re missing out. It makes me sick to my stomach that we all tend to do this because we are all blessed in SO many ways. We cannot compare and we also cannot wish and want to be something other than who we truly are. Each and everyone of us are special in some way, so we don’t need to be anyone other than who we are.

Life will not be about the perfections, but about the moments in between.


Love you all.


Rylee Loock

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