DIY Disney Ears

Okay, I got so many comments and requests on how to make my Disney Ears that I decided I would just write it out and also make a youtube video to share with y’all. Now, let me say that I would usually buy them on Etsy through here, because she’s AMAZING! But, we planned our trip a couple weeks before, so I didn’t have time to have them ordered. It was so fun to make them on our own, but they took tons of time (about 1 hour each) and definitely are not flawless. I guess that’s what made them so fun though! There are pros and cons to both buying and making.

So, here is my SUPER homemade version of making ears haha! You can either read or watch below.

Step 1- Order some cheap ears from Amazon. I bought mine here. They’re flimsy, but you they’re at an awesome price and you can just hot glue to stabilize them, if needed.

Step 2- Stop by your local craft store to buy supplies and pick the themes for your ears. We went to Hobby Lobby because they literally have everything, including cute trinkets and jewelry pieces to add some flair (I used a jewelry piece for my chain on my Pirates one). You will want to buy paper or fabric, depending on what you prefer. If you want to sew them, definitely buy fabric, but you can hot glue or glue both the paper and fabric. As you shop, let the creative juices flow and just mesh your ideas together. You can never buy too much because you can always RETURN! Better to buy it right then so you don’t have to make a trip back!

**Tip: Try to go during some sort of sale, you can save BIG bucks if there are scrapbooking, fabric, etc. sales going on. That’s one thing we regret not doing.

Step 3- Cut out the fabric/paper to the edge around the ear, it’s better to have it a little larger than smaller because once you glue them on, or sew them, you can cut off the pieces that are too long. Make sure to cut 4 pieces out, because you will want a front and a back. You can outline with pen/pencil if that is easier to cut, as well.

Step 4- Glue those pieces on with some sort of heavy duty glue, we used hot glue guns. If you prefer to sew, then just sew those bad boys on. (YOU WILL USE SO MUCH HOT GLUE)

Step 5- Outline that main edge and the bottom edges with string or thin strands of fabric to give a cleaner and more crispy look. This covers up so many mistakes and rough edges!


Step 6- Throw on some extra fabric, stickers, jewelry, WHATEVER to make your ears stick to your theme.

Step 7- Glue on a bow or some fake flowers to the front of the ears!


And, there you have it!

SUPER homemade, like I said. BUT SO FUN!



Rylee Loock

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