I Did A Thing

So, I did a thing.. I did a thing because I felt I needed to take a step back and reevaluate what I think of myself and of life. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the glamorous aspects of life. So, I did a thing and this thing was not wearing any kind of makeup for 3 weeks.

I know so many beautiful souls that never wear makeup and all I can say is that you guys rock my freaking world because I learned so many things from this mini make up break. Let me start by saying that 3 weeks does not sound like a whole lot of time, BUT it WAS. Let me tell you why, along with what I learned.

The first week of no make up, I felt so “glowy.” I could actually see my eyes for what they were. I realized that my eyes are beautiful.. That my mini freckles are beautiful.. That my little dimples are beautiful. It was all so beautiful. Man, it felt good to see the natural beauty I had hidden under makeup.

But, I must admit, that feeling didn’t last for long. I had meetings, a bridal shower, and the worst… FAMILY PICTURES! and I had pits in my stomach during all of it because I felt so “underdressed” for not wearing makeup. It was super awkward and the worst part about it… I could read it on everyones’ faces. Their eyes just screamed, “Why did you not get ready for this event?!” I knew I looked beautiful for who I was, but I felt so much pressure to wear makeup again… I stood my ground and didn’t break my challenge.

The next hiccup I began to face was that I broke out like CRAZY. Did you guys know that the right kind of makeup is actually like a skin protectant? It protects all that yucky stuff in the air from traveling onto your face and into your pores. So, I felt this urge to put on makeup again, but I didn’t.

Once my final 3 week mark was up, I jumped up to put makeup on like a little kid on Christmas morning. I was so ecstatic!

Is that a bad thing or good thing?

I think it’s a good thing! I learned that as much as I love my natural beauty, I also love makeup. That sounds so weird to say, but don’t take it in the wrong way.. Keep reading.. Makeup is not a bad thing, BUT is definitely not an amazing thing, all the time, either. I think that this world has WAY too much pressure on girls to wear makeup. That’s where I think there could be a change. It is totally okay to wear makeup and it is totally okay to not wear it. Either way, you are you.. And you are beYOUtiful.

This 3 week experience didn’t end up anything like I thought it would be. I thought I would’ve enjoyed not wearing makeup a little more because that is my personality type. However, I actually learned so much. I began to appreciate makeup for it’s positive aspects. I love that makeup can protect my skin and also, bring out my features on my face. But, at the same time, I don’t love the idea of wearing makeup all the time, because you are then missing out on a side of you that is more beautiful than anything else. That beautiful side shouldn’t have to be looked at differently because it is not slammed with liquid putty.

I loved that I did a thing to reevaluate myself and life, because I have gained so much insight. I think that everyone should take time, once in a while, to take a step back and ask yourself what you are doing and think about the importance of “things.” Like I said before, it is SO easy to get caught up in everything around us, but I think if we took more time to reevaluate we might learn more about ourselves and others around us.

All in all, I think everyone is so beautiful with makeup or no makeup. Don’t question another for not wearing makeup, even if you feel it is necessary for the event or time. Take time to appreciate others and yourself.


Thanks for reading,



Rylee Loock

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