Ivy Turns One

Well, I’m only two months late, but I guess you could say better late than never…

Back story, I have a little dream in my life to be an event planner. I LOVE to throw and host parties, and I’m a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to events. So, when Ivy’s birthday came, I was more than ready to give her the best party EVER. Indeed, it was. She had a blast!!!

I wanted to share some of the details of Ivy’s party.

First things first, I decided on planning a Moana themed party for Ivy because literally Baby Moana is like her favorite animated character ever. That girl is obsessed with anything Moana. So, to get the boat going, I asked my good friend Morgan to make an invitation for Ivy. She is AMAZING and a link to her Etsy shop is here. Also, I spy the cutest little Heart of Te Fiti…


** Many people asked why I put no presents, and I simply decided this because I didn’t want people to feel obligated to bring a present to come. I wanted everyone to feel welcome AND what one year old needs THAT many presents… Hahah! Definitely not Ivy! Though she got tons!

The next step in my planning was buying all the decorations. The lights, Happy Birthday banner, tassel banner, mermaid/beach themed straws/plates, woven bucket, chalkboard, and the “1” were some fun finds from Target. (I added the “1” onto the tassel banner to make it more personalized) The baby Moana watercolor piece was from here for less than $2, and I printed it at Walmart for less than $20, SUCH A GOOD DEAL! I bought the napkins, utensils, pineapple centerpiece, palm tree, balloons, and luau table skirt from Zurchers; meanwhile, the little odds and ends were from either Ikea or Hobby Lobby. For example, the cute food labels I made with a palm tree cardstock from Hobby Lobby. I wish I would’ve gotten a better picture of them, they were adorbs.


FOOD! The best part! Brax and I spent HOURS cutting up chicken, marinating, then grilling shish kabobs. I mean the marinade alone, took about 45 minutes of me just mincing garlic.. But, oh it was worth it! I thought the shish kabobs would be the perfect addition to a luau themed meal because pork has been out of the picture, for me, since the time I became a vegetarian at age 6.. Haha! But, I can definitely manage chicken! For the sides, I scooped out watermelon into small sized balls and placed them back in the watermelon shell, then made a pineapple dip complimented by vanilla wafers. We were fortunate to have family members make some delicious salads, along with buying chips.

Lets talk about the balloon cloud- If you are familiar with South Weber you know it tends to be VERY windy; hence, why you should NEVER try to plan out a party, detail to detail, because the weather changes all plans… lol.. So yes, basically, I thought the “cloud” could’ve been some sort of arch, but gosh the windy heavens had a mind of their own. I decided to simply tie the balloons on a string, cut out green cardstock into palm tree leaves and tape them onto the balloons, then tape the balloon cloud, onto the dessert table, for its dear life. Thankfully, it decided to stay after multiple attempts. AND, it turned out SO cute. (I never got a picture of the table with all the yummy desserts.)



The funniest part of all… The cake! Heck no was I going to spend $50 on a cake that literally was going to get destroyed! So what’s better than just making a homemade cake that could be guilt-free, as it is getting torn to pieces? Now, this was definitely the first time I have actually made a cake that was to be “decorated.” I tried my best, and it definitely did not come out perfect, because I was literally rushing to get everything done. I bought two confetti cake mixes, baked them in a round pan, and attempted to make the ocean with loads of icing and food coloring. I threw in the design of the Heart of Te Fiti to give it that Moana themed flair. Now, I could go on and on about the flaws, but nothing will replace the look on Ivy’s face, after she had filled her belly with that sugar filled cake, then placed her hands in the air and gave me the biggest grin. Man, that girl was happy. I will NEVER forget that moment in time. And I ended up loving the imperfections, because it made it perfect.IMG_3206.JPG

Ivy had THE best time at her first birthday and that whole night literally felt like a dream. It’s pure bliss just knowing how happy your little one is. Nothing can compete with that. Happy baby = happy momma.

IMG_2142.JPG          IMG_2131.JPG

** Ivy’s swimsuit is found here.


Thanks to all that came and made it such a special night!


Rylee Shae

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