DIY Flocked Christmas Tree


A few years ago, Brax and I went Black Friday shopping and found our cheap little pre-lit tree at Walmart, for about $60-$70. This was perfect for our newly married life. However, on came the next year and I decided I actually was in love with flocked trees. The white flocked look gives the natural, outdoorsy feel that I wanted so badly to welcome into our home. Turns out, flocked trees, especially pre-lit, run around the $300 range. I opted out of that option immediately because sorry, I’m not about to spend that much money on a new tree when I already have a tree that looks and runs great! So, on came my adventure of finding a way to flock my cheap little tree.

I found this DIY flock on Amazon. Sure enough, it works AMAZING. Here’s what you need to do.

Purchase or get out your supplies.

  • Snow Flock– This is the link for the 2lb bag, but I used the 5lb bag because I wanted ours HIGHLY flocked.
  • Strainer
  • Spray Bottle- I also purchased this set for Ivy’s hair.
  • Newspapers, cardboard or I even used a plastic table cover, to cover the ground. (It gets messy)
  • Tree
  • Junk towels to clean up (towels that can get ruined).
  • Amazon Echo for all of your Christmas tunes. (;

Now that you have your supplies, set up the newspapers, cardboard, etc. on the ground, then the bottom level of your Christmas tree, in the center. It helps to flock layer by layer, so you can ensure you are flocking the areas you would like. Make sure with every layer that you are positioning your tree how you would like it to look when it is complete.

Take your spray bottle and spray all areas, with water, that you plan to flock.

Use your strainer to strain flock in all areas that were sprayed with water. It will look like it is snowing!! I literally did this over and over, and eventually took some of the flock and poured it on. I wanted a highly flocked tree! So, I created what we would like to call a “Christmas Miracle Storm” haha!

After straining the flock, spray more water to get that flock to stick.

Repeat this with every level you add to your tree.

Once the full tree has been flocked, use leftovers to get one last round then spray your tree MADLY. I refilled the water bottle about a total of 6-8 times, during the whole process.

Once it is finished, wait a day before moving or decorating.

(I would keep spraying mine for a day because like I said, mine was highly flocked and I really needed it to stick)

If you move your tree and it is highly flocked, you will have flurries come off.. That’s okay! It will still look just as great, just be ready to clean up some messes!

And just like that.. BOOM! You have what looks like a $300 tree for a fraction of the price… Congratulations!

This will be one of the easiest DIY, hopefully! At least it was for me and I tend to mess things up a lot of the time…


Yay for DIY and Christmas time!


Rylee Loock

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