You may or may not know of the feeling. If so, this title might’ve been a heart wrencher. Unfollowed. So much frustration and confusion. Why would you unfollow ME? What have I ever done to YOU?

Frankly, this happens quite often. Every second, of every minute, of every hour. To the most instagrammy famous, to the small and simple. Gosh dang, it happens to ALL OF US! Lol literally my mom noticed her friend unfollowed her a few days ago… but, my mom and I had an important conversation about it which is a lesson to be learned..

I will be the first to say it freaking sucks. Or at least it feels like it. But guess what? Turns out the suckiness of it all, well… Really isn’t so sucky.

How many of you find yourself getting sooooo caught up in other people’s lives (comparison), sometimes to a point that it becomes damaging to your thoughts and self-image? Right. A lot of us. Well I’m here to tell you that sometimes that “unfollow” button isn’t so wrong after all. What if, possibly, that unfollow was an act of strength? It took an individual trying to seek for a more close knit feed. A feed that motivates and empowers them. You didn’t make the cut? Wipe your tears, put the phone away, just breathe! It’s gonna be okay. You don’t need to make the cut because that cut doesn’t matter to YOU. Yes, it mattered to them, but not to YOU.

This is the challenging part. You HAVE to think about the positive (especially my younger readers). I’ve read some blogs and watched some videos of influencers encouraging their followers to weed out their feed. Weed out any negative thoughts that come through followers. Everyone is so completely different that we literally can’t put a pin on why people unfollow each other, but we can all hope that an unfollow is in the best interest of that person’s heart, to better their own self and their mental health! Which is HUGE!

I used to be SO offended by friends/acquaintances unfollowing me, but I get it now. I’ve watched the sweetest hearts unfollow me and I’d sit and question what I did wrong? Nothing. I’m doing me and I will try to do the best I can, but simply I can’t inspire everyone. I can definitely inspire some, just not everyone. My ways might hurt others, while it might empower a few. All I can do is try to be my very best!

So here’s my challenge. Weed out your feed. Unfollow anyone who leads negative thoughts to your head because it’s SO DAMAGING!! Your self improvement begins with you being strong enough to only want positives in your life. Now I’m not saying go unfollow all of your friends because I do know that being a supportive friend is a HUGE deal, especially in younger years. But, definitely an unfollow won’t be the end of the world.

Somebody unfollowed you, so what?! Let that person do what’s best for them and you can do what’s best for you. In the end, your mental health is the most important. Take care of it. Don’t sweat an unfollow. (Easier said that done, but you’ve got this! I believe in you!)

Let’s support each other’s mental health before we support our “gains” in followers. We are all in this together! Let’s start by making our social media something to provide strength and positivity.

Rylee Loock


(Side note- we still don’t have WiFi and I’ve been hungry to write so I finally broke and wrote this on my phone, so there may or may not be errors and typos)

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