clean it up.

Hey all,

A new found importance in our family’s life has been clean living. By this, I mean the food we intake, the chemicals we come in contact with, and the air we breathe. We’ve been spending time (by we I mean ME, RYLEE) trying to find the products we love with better ingredients. We’ve discovered that really EVERYTHING in our life has chemicals that can affect us for the worse, but it’s a small change that will eventually, hopefully, lead to a big one.

If you are on a journey of clean living, let me tell you this…. You CAN’T change everything all at once. That’s just freakin EXHAUSTING. So, I’m here to help you with just a few of our favorites.

Today’s main focus will be on cleaning, and all the yummy smellies you’ve been hoping for this fall season.


I finally caved into signing up for a Doterra account after years of being obsessed, and buying at every fair/event I’ve attended. While sitting around a revolutionary campfire, I had an overcoming revelation that I needed to start doing whatever the heck I wanted. (; Alright, kinda sorta. I had this intense feeling to start doing what I loved and it WAS okay to invest in those things. One being essential oils. Ya buddy.9839353954334.jpg

I’m here to tell you my absolute fav for my cleaning obsession… The OnGuard concentrate. I bought this along with the perfect continuous mist bottle and microfiber clothes. It is the ultimate combo fresh from all my cleaning dreams. Put a couple tablespoons in the bottle, fill with water, and voilah. I’m literally OBSESSED with this combo, and not only is it pure perfection, but OnGuard totally gives me that fall season vibe, all while cleaning.

Side note—–> Along with my OnGuard, I’m obsessed with so many various oils. I swear by peppermint for cramps, serenity for calming, lemon for happiness (beware- can create happy side affects that make you act like a drunk person… story for another post), and deep blue rub for temporary pain relief. You can look through all the glorious oils on my website.


I used to be OBSESSED with candles, especially from Bath and Body. You could find me shopping there regularly for candles. I was a sucker. Recently, I’ve learned about all the crap they put in their candles. Have you heard? If not check out this article about candles and the risk of air pollution they can pour into your home. So, I’ve been searching for products that I could love that will keep our home away from unwanted pollution.

For candles, I discovered this cute local company at Raspberry Days. THIS APPLE HARVEST CANDLE in specific, will make all your fall dreams come true. Just bought myself a second candle, and one for my mom, as well.

There are tons of different small businesses out there that have amazing candles. If you see them, ask them about their ingredients. If they believe in clean living, SUPPORT THEM.

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 1.30.18 PM.png

Candles can definitely give off an ambiance, but if you’re not a fan of that specific ambiance, no worries. I’ve also fallen in love with Grow Fragrance, plant based air fresheners that DO THE TRICK. Their limited fall scents are out of this world! I will go on a cleaning streak then literally soak my furniture with their Ginger Pumpkin. The best is when I’m upstairs getting shiz done and I smell the scents leaking up from my couch. Talk about a quick whiff of rejuvenation. And you know what’s too good to be true? You can get $10 off using my link. Trust me, you won’t regret it. If you do, I’m terribly sorry that you don’t know what living is. (;

Lastly, oil essential oil diffusers. If you are a hoarder of essential oils, like me, you need to put them to good use. I have found a few diffusers that I have loved.

The first, is a smaller, cheaper one. This one is in Ivy’s bedroom because it has an array of different colored lights, so it duals as a night light, which we loveeee.


Second, is about $10 more, but definitely the more decorative option. We use this one in our master bedroom.



Cleaning up our house and the air we breathe has been a huge step in our health journey. Hopefully, some of these are insightful for you.

Bring on the fall smells and let the fallidays begin!


Rylee Loock

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