Halloween Inspo.

It’s that time of the year…. Particularly, my favorite. All things spooky, pumpkin, classy and fun. Last year, being the first in our new townhome, I decided I was ready to really put forth the effort to decorate. I love Halloween decorations, but unfortunately, most decorations you find are.. Well.. A little cheesy. So, my biggest goal was to make it classy, but still spooky. I almost wanted that “walk in a witches house” feel. If that even makes sense? So, lets get to it. Here’s how the house turned out. I’m a little obsessed.

Filled the picture frame with some old Halloween photos.

NOW, that we’ve covered the decor, my ABSOLUTE fav is… The party!! Here’s the inspo..

AWFUL quality, this is a screenshot taken from my story… I really need to think about taking pics.
(see video below)
A video while setting up!

I think my Halloween decorations turned out to be my FAV from the whole year. If someone could pay me to decorate full time, I’d take it. Here’s to this next week of hopefully taking the decor to the next level!

Rylee Shae ❤

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